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This package contains the ultimate DeepAR beauty/makeup filter setup with all the functionalities and best practices our tech and art team managed to create. Additionally, it comes with 25 unique makeup looks and all the source assets that went into creating them. You can mix and combine those assets to create even more unique looks in a matter of minutes.
Here is what you get with this package:

  1. 25 ready-made beauty looks with all the source assets, 3D models, textures, and shaders included.
  2. Skin makeup features - complete set of tools to create perfect skin makeup:
    • Skin smoothing
    • Foundation makeup layer - custom foundation makeup color blended with underlying skin
    • Makeup blush layer - 10 different shapes for a perfect fit for each face type
    • Highlight layer - 10 different shapes for a perfect fit for each face type
    • Contour layer - 10 different shapes for a perfect fit for each face type
    • Cheek glitter layer - apply reflective cheek glitter in any color combination
  3. Eyes makeup:
    • Eyeliner - 10 eyeliner shapes
    • Eyelashes - 30 eyelashes variation covering all styles and lengths
    • Eyeshadow - over 30 different eyeshadow styles. Choose your color palette with simple looks, add glitter, and uniquely drawn eyeshadows.
    • Eyeshadow accessories - add diamonds, flowers, and glitter to enrich your eyeshadow makeup
    • Retina coloring
    • Eye gloss/watery eyes effect
  4. Lips makeup - apply your custom lips color palette to achieve realistic lipstick makeup:
    • Single color lipstick
    • Liner style dual-color lips - 15 ready-made examples
    • Lips gloss and glitter - apply additional gloss or glitter layer above your base lipstick in various  colors
  5. Face shapes - includes 11 face shape modifiers like bigger eyes, nose shape, chin, jawline, lips, face thinning, eyebrow thickness, forehead size, etc.
  6. LUT filters - set the overall tone of your makeup filter with over 30 available LUT filters
  7. Hair color layer - includes shaders for perfect hair coloring. For extra fun, you can have the hair change color dynamically over time.
  8. Background segmentation and  background blur features
  9. Premium support - our team is here to help you make most of our beauty and makeup technology
  10. Free updates - any future beauty and makeup technology improvements will be available for free

Ultimate Makeup and Beauty Package (Contact us for pricing)

  • Let us know if you are interested in ultimate AR beauty and makeup experience so our product specialist can make sure you are getting exactly what you need:

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