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DeepAR free beauty package offers assets and best practices to create a wide variety of basic beauty and makeup looks. With this package users can easily implement their beauty/makeup looks that have the following features:
    - Foundation makeup - choose the color and intensity of the foundation makeup layer
    - Eyeliner - comes with 2 premade eyeliner styles which can be used as a template to create your new eyeliner styles.
    - Eyelashes - comes with 2 premade eyelashes styles which can be used as a template to create your own new eyelashes styles.
    - Eyeshadow - comes with 2  eyeshadow shape masks - smokey and cateye. Users can apply any color to those two styles, as well as create their styles based on provided templates.
    - Lips - apply lipstick color to the lips. It comes with 2 examples of lipstick colors. Users can create their variants by changing the colors of the provided textures.
    - LUT - apply color correction overlay to the whole scene. Comes with 2 LUT filter examples.

Free Makeup and Beauty package

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