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This asset contains the Lite DeepAR beauty and makeup package. It is a significant upgrade from our free package offering more assets and features like skin smoothing, blush makeup, custom eyeshadow and lips presets. 

Here is what you get with this package:

1. 5 complete ready made beauty and makeup looks with all the source files, 3D models, textures and shaders.

2. Skin makeup features including
    - Skin smoothing 
    - Foundation makeup layer - custom foundation makepup color blended with underlying skin
    - Makeup blush layer - 5 shapes 

3. Eyes makeup:
    - Eyeliner - 5 eyeliner styles
    - Eyelashes - 5 eyelashes styles
    - Eyeshadow - 6 different eyeshadow styles. Apply your own color pallete to 3 unique eyeshadow shapes or crete your own custom eyeshadows based on 3 image templates provided in the package.

4. Lips makeup - apply your custom lips color pallete to achieve realistic lips makeup with 10 provided single and dual color templates
5. LUT filters - set the overal tone of your makeup filter with 10 available LUT filters

6. Support - our team is here to help you take most of our beauty and makeup technology

7. Free updates - any future beauty and makeup technology improvements in this package will be available for free

Lite Makeup and Beauty Package